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Bookstore: Construction Lien Law in Virginia

Construction Lien Law in Virginia

Don't be caught off guard - get the training you need to successfully exercise your lien rights. Handling construction payment disputes in Virginia can be successful when armed with the necessary legal and practical...

Bookstore: AIA Contracts

AIA Contracts

Know your rights and obligations before you sign your next AIA contract. Help is available for understanding complex AIA contract provisions - get it now, before you wind up with costly delays or time-consuming...

Bookstore: Eminent Domain in Virginia

Eminent Domain in Virginia

The world of eminent domain is not as impossible as you may think ... Don't let the complexities of eminent domain cause you anxiety. Whether you're looking to draft, comply or fight one, these reference materials will...

Bookstore: Solving Water Intrusion and Mold Problems in Virginia

Solving Water Intrusion and Mold Problems in Virginia

Promote healthy buildings with moisture controls and mold solutions. Purchase these reference materials and get surefire techniques for solving water intrusion and mold problems in homes and commercial buildings.

Bookstore: Landlord and Tenant Law

Landlord and Tenant Law

Avoiding Tenant Problems at the Beginning; Essential Clauses and Considerations in a Residential Lease; Residential Landlord-Tenant Act: Handling the Eviction; Special Landlord and Tenant Issues; Commercial Leases -...

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