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Bookstore: Plat and Subdivision Law in Texas

Plat and Subdivision Law in Texas

Learn how to navigate through complex subdivision procedures - and to prevent costly mistakes. Even in the current tight economy, you can be successful - and even prosper - in subdividing real property.

Bookstore: Change Orders in Texas

Change Orders in Texas

Learn how to navigate complex change order procedures - and prevent costly mistakes. As a professional involved in construction projects, you know how important it is for change orders to accurately reflect the intent...

Bookstore: Construction Management/Design-Build in Texas

Construction Management/Design-Build in Texas

Stop construction project nightmares - get on the right track from the start. Purchase these reference materials and get helpful insight on construction management and design-build.

Bookstore: AIA Contracts

AIA Contracts

Owner Agreements; A201; A401 Subcontract; Insurance; Design Build Know what you're getting into before you sign your next AIA contract. Help is available for understanding complex AIA contract provisions - get it now,...

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