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Working With California Prevailing Wage Requirements

Robert Fried — Partner, Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo
Working With California Prevailing Wage Requirements

These materials provide a basic overview of the responsibilities of parties engaged in public works construction projects. While most states have independent prevailing wage enforcement bodies, the model established under federal law under the Davis- Bacon Act sets forth basic principles and often constitutes the basis by which prevailing wages are determined. However, in California, the nature and scope of prevailing wage compliance assumes an entirely different and more complex character. California uses a different method to establish prevailing wages and has an independent and complex system of compliance and enforcement. In jurisdictions, like California, where state prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements exist, if a project involves federal funding, the contractor will be required to master and balance both competing sets of regulatory requirements. Prevailing wages have also been a traditional arena in which organized labor has sought to expand their ability to control the market. For merit shop contractors today, that control is more often exercised by organized labor through control of jurisdictional and work rule requirements than wages alone.

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