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Water Well Design and Site Selection

OnDemand Webinar (64 minutes)

Gain an understanding of the causes and the approaches used to prevent or correct poor well performance.This presentation will cover the fundamentals related to siting wells, well designs, and the design aspects of constructing wells, including materials and parameters related to the casing/screen string, gravel packing, grouting, well development, and testing. The testing discussion will include the multiple functions of testing, including designing the pump installation, establishing the initial efficiency of the well, and the use of ongoing testing data to assess the operation and maintenance of wells over time. Rehabilitation methods for wells will also be discussed. This presentation is designed for anyone interested in the entire process related to well drilling, from siting the well to the design, installation, and operation of existing wells.


Bruce Lytle, P.E., Lytle Water Solutions, LLC


Hydrologic Cycle

Hydrogeologic and Well Concepts

• Types of Groundwater Systems

• Aquifer and Well Characteristics

Geologic Terranes

• Alluvial/Colluvial/Eolian

• Sedimentary Bedrock

• Karst

• Volcanics

• Precambrian

Drilling Methods/Fluids

• Auger

• Percussion

• Rotary

• Sonic

Types of Well Design

• Open Hole

• Cased

• Infiltration Gallery

• Radial Collector

Considerations in Well Design

• Drilling Method

• Type of Completion

• Uses

Well Construction

• Drilling Fluids

• Casing/Screen Considerations

• Gravel Pack

• Grouting

Well Development

• Natural

• Development Methods

- Bailing, Surging, Jetting, Rawhiding, Chemicals

Aquifer Testing

• Step Test

• Constant-Rate Test

• Video Survey

• Falling Head/Constant Head Test

• Water Quality

Performance Monitoring With Time

• Well-To-Well Interference

• Comparative Testing to Baseline (Loss of Specific Capacity)

• Energy Cost Changes With Time

• Water Quality Testing

Periodic Well Maintenance

• Based on Ongoing Performance Monitoring

- Loss of Specific Capacity

- Water Quality Issues

- Increased Energy Costs

• Well Rehabilitation

- Mechanical Surging

- Jetting w/Chemicals

- Acidizing

- Sonic

Case Studies