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California Construction Project Management

OnDemand Webinar (57 minutes)

Gain practical information that will make an immediate difference in your construction projects.All construction projects have issues and problems; the difference between them is how they are dealt with and hopefully avoided. Managing construction projects is a very complex task as there are dozens of contractual and technical issues, and the most complex issue of all, the human element. You will deal with many different people on the project, with their own liabilities and agendas. The construction part is the easiest part of the project. But if you don't apply proper construction management and the correct documentation, you might find yourself in costly disputes. Our speaker has seen many projects go into litigation and companies lose their business simply because they did not know how to properly manage their projects. This course will review a wide variety of topics and concepts you will face during a construction project. Our speaker will explain the issues and offer real-life best practices and tips based on his 38 years of experience managing construction projects.


Jamil Soucar, Arc & Line, LLC


Understand the Parties

• Key Members on Construction Projects

• Role of Each Key Member

• The Importance of Factoring the Human Element for Effective Project Management

• Example - Sun Valley

• Partnering

• Gauge Your Actions and Words to Be per Contract or Face Costly Consequences

Managing Cost and Time

• Balancing Cost, Time, and Quality

• Cost Savings Starts During the Early Design Phase

• Complete and Accurate Scope

• Complete and Accurate Design and Details

• Existing Site Conditions

• Pre-Construction Services

• Proper Construction Phase Management

• Time Management

• Effective Use of Scheduling

• Solving Problems as They Arise

• Foresee - Plan - Follow up

• Regular Monitoring of Site Activities and Schedule Updates

• Best Practices in Managing Scheduling and Time

Project Impacts / Dispute Resolution

• Project Impacts

- Time Impacts

- Typical Causes of Time Impacts

- How to Document Time Impacts

- Key Scheduling Terms

- Critical vs. Non Critical Delays

- Concurrent Delays

- Force Majeure Delays

- Disruption

- Industry Standard Methods for Time Impact Analysis

- Cost Damage Associated With Delays

- Change Orders

- Disputes

- Improper Project Management Practices

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