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ADA Compliant Curb Ramps: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Gain an understanding of the different styles of curb ramps and how to access their viability.The ADA guides many workplace safety and accommodation issues. Many problems with curb ramps can occur when public access ramps are improperly designed and constructed. This course will help you generally comprehend the importance of accessible designs for usability and accessibility. The material will feature guidance on proper design and construction, geographic conditions, problems; and explain the common errors in the curb ramp accessibility process. The proper design methodology is stressed as an understanding of risks for the benefit of all.


James B. Fairbanks, Esq., Treece Alfrey Musat P.C.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

• Signed Into Law on July 26, 1990

• Overview

• Definitions

• What Does It Cover?

• Legal

• Day-to-Day and Practical

Curb Ramps Defined

The Good

• Examples and Positive Approach

• Curb Ramps in Large Municipalities

- Large Number of Sidewalks, Intersections, and Curbs

- Different Areas of the United States

• 2010 ADA Standards and Access Board Guidelines

The Bad

• Examples and Negative Approaches

• Design Methodology

• Geography's Role

The Ugly

• Design Errors

• Risk of Serious Injury

• Legal

• Financial Risks for Municipalities

Wrap Up and Summary