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AIA Documents B-Series: Agreement Between Owner and Architect

OnDemand Webinar (67 minutes)

Understand the significant changes made in the recent editions of the commonly used B-Series documents.Architects are likely aware of the existence of basic B-101 standard agreement between owners and architects. However, many architects may not be aware of the various other B-Series form agreements and how they might be better suited for particular types of jobs and project scopes, including forms suitable for smaller projects. Further, many architects may not be aware of contractual terms which may impact their legal rights and liability, including provisions contained in agreements between contractors and owners. Learn about the various B-Series form agreements for architects and the different contexts for which they may apply. You will also learn about significant changes made in recent editions to these documents so that you can better consider whether and how to utilize these materials for your project. Additionally, you will learn about contractual indemnity and other liability issues that are impacted by clauses in agreements with owners.


Mohammad A. Ghiasuddin, Esq., Margolis Edelstein


Overview of B-Series B100s and When They Might Be Used, Highlights of Changes in Latest Versions

• B101 - Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect

• B102 - No Predefined Scope

• B103 - Complex Project

• B104 - Abbreviated Form

• B105 - Short Form

• B108 - Federally Funded

• B121 - Master Services Agreement

• B132, 133 - Construction Manager

• B143 - Design-Builder and Architect

Overview of B-Series B200s and When They Might Be Used, Highlights of Changes in Latest Versions

• B201 - Traditional Scope for Design and Construction Contract Administration

• B203 Through 254 - Special Scopes


• Overview of BIM Exhibit and Protocol, Limited Scope, and Smaller Projects

Ownership of Drawings and Specifications

• Examination of Contractual Provisions

Indemnity and Liability Issues

• B-Series Provisions

• A-Series Provisions - Contractors to Indemnify Architects

• Dispute Resolution Provisions