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A Primer on Land Surveys

OnDemand Webinar (62 minutes)

Learn how to use, prepare, evaluate, and interpret a land survey.The land survey is a critical part of real estate practice. All parties involved need to be knowledgeable of the survey process so a proper survey can be assured instead of assumed. With this knowledge, a thoroughly researched, accurate and clear representation of the property can be achieved. Minor discrepancies can be resolved without the devastating effects that oftentimes result. Understanding and working with the surveyor can highlight potential problems so that they can be addressed before time and cost become more critical.


John M. Story, P.L.S., Donaldson, Garrett & Associates, Inc.



• Definitions of Common Land Surveying Terms

• Different Types of Surveys

Uses of a Survey

• Convey Property

• Engineering Surveys

Land Record Systems

• Basic Types of Land Record Systems

- Metes and Bounds System

- Platted Subdivision System

Preparing a Survey

• Getting Started

• Field Procedures

• Office Calculations

• Plat Preparation

Information on a Survey Plat

• Scale

• Monuments

• Evidence of Possession

• Building Location

• Roads/Utilities/Fences, Walls, and Other Improvements

• Alleys and Driveways

• Flood Zones

• Zoning, Building, and Subdivision Restrictions

• Contours and Elevations

• Interior Parcel Lines

Evaluating Survey Plats

• Plat Evaluation Checklist

• Evaluating the Age of the Survey

• Determining the Purpose of the Survey

• Examining the Survey for Gross Discrepancies

• The Survey Plat vs. the Deed

• Easements

• Encroachments

Legal Descriptions

• Definition

• Interpreting

• Writing a Legal Descriptions

Interpreting a Survey

• Examples of Surveys