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Principles of Lean Building Design

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Gain valuable instruction on applying lean methodologies in commercial design and construction.Over the past 50 years, the design and construction industry has maintained a flat or declining level of productivity, while productivity in every other non-agricultural industry has doubled. Seventy percent of commercial construction projects are delivered over budget, over schedule, or both. We are members of a broken industry, and it is time we learned a new way of doing things. Lean principles of continuous improvement, respect for people, waste identification and elimination, value creation, and collaboration have been adapted to the design and construction industry to help us do just that. This material will provide valuable instruction on applying lean methodologies in commercial design and construction. You will acquire a foundational understanding of the structure, vocabulary, and operation of a lean project, as well as a basic understanding of the typical tools employed to create a lean environment, such as target value delivery, big room methodology, and the Last Planner® system.


Julie Glassmeyer, Glassmeyer Construction Consulting & Coaching LLC



• What's in It for Me?

Building Your Team

• Contract Types

• Selection Process

• Rapid Creation of High Performing Teams

• Establishing Targets and Metrics - Conditions of Satisfaction

Tools of Lean Building Design and Construction

• Last Planner® System

• Big Room Methodology

• Target Value Delivery