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Advancement of Women in Construction

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Explore how to build a company culture that prioritizes employee growth, education opportunities and collaboration.Knowing how to attract and retain diverse talent is crucial in creating and designing unique solutions in the construction industry. Ellen Dickson and Kara Smalley of Bailey Edward Design, a woman-owned architecture, engineering and interior design firm with three offices in Illinois, will explore how they have built a company culture that prioritizes employee growth through its vision, education opportunities, and an emphasis on collaboration. The result is a staff of dedicated employees who are invested not only in their own growth but also that of the company.


Ellen Dickson, Bailey Edward Design Karla Smalley, Bailey Edward Design


State of the Industry: How and Why Is the Workforce Imbalanced Today?

• Snapshot of Diversity in Architecture, Engineering and Interior Design Today

• Exploration of Why These Numbers Exist

- Ask Audience What Roadblocks They Have Met

- Compare Responses to Survey Results/Data From AIA, Equity by Design

• Mission and Values That Align With Staff Personal Values and Interests

• Mission and Values That Align With Staff Needs and Growth

Vision: What Makes a Work Environment Inviting to New and Diverse Talent?

Education: How Do We Continuously Train Staff for Success?

• Onboarding Ensures New Employees Start With Consistent Information and Knowledge of Processes

• Monthly Forums Gives Consistency in Information Regarding New Processes and Tools

• Specification Sessions for Growing Technical Knowledge

• Performance Planning Establishes Personalized Goals for Individual Growth

Collaboration: How Do We Give Staff at All Levels the Opportunity to Lead and Take Ownership?

• General Participation Emphasizes Clear Communication and Ownership by Staff at All Levels

• Working Groups Give Associates Managerial Experience While Allowing Staff Input on Company Practices

• Business Development Tasks Spread Amongst Associates and Staff Give Everyone the Opportunity to Steer the Company Towards Desired Projects and Clients

• Design Process Diversifies the Day-To-Day Tasks of Staff to Foster Growth

Success: How Do You Ensure a Company's Values Stay In Line With the Individual?

• Alignment of Personal and Company Goals Through Training and Licensure

• Quality Control of Programs and Process to Ensure Continued Success

• Conclusion: Evidence of Program Success at Bailey Edward Through Survey Results and Retention