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The Use of Laser Scanning as a Quality Control Tool for Capital Project Execution

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

The newest technologies in 3D laser scanning has resulted in lower costs and better model integration.

Laser scanning is now being used in all facets of capital and maintenance project life cycles. For renovation projects, laser scanning provides highly accurate 3-D as built information. For new or redevelopment projects, laser scanning can dimensionally verify prefabricated equipment and materials. Scanning can then assist with installation planning, uncovering potential conflicts. Learn the when, where and how 3-D laser scanning can be used in your projects to provide safer, more cost-effective solutions.


Robert LaCerra, Allied Engineering and Design, Inc. William Pratt, Allied Engineering and Design, Inc.


Abstract and Introductions

Safety Moment

Allied Engineering Brief

Presentation on Laser Scanning as a QA/QC Tool

• History of Scanning

• Some Typical Misconceptions

• Use in Engineering/Design, Fabrication, and Installation/Construction

• Typical Costs and Duration

• An Example Project