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Construction Documentation: Preparing Effective Job Records

OnDemand Webinar (99 minutes)

Make sure you know how to maintain and prepare detailed and organized project documents.Even in a paperless world, maintaining clear and detailed project documentation is increasingly essential for construction risk management. Despite this, even sophisticated parties in construction often have no established or organized plan approach to managing project documentation. This topic focuses on the need for, and benefits from maintaining detailed and organized project documents. The information will highlight the advantages that come from taking such an approach, and how you can utilize it to improve positions for both negotiation and dispute resolution.


Mark A. Smith, Esq., Carey, oMalley, Whitaker, Mueller, Roberts, & Smith, P.A.


Construction Documentation - Preparing Effective Job Records

Overview - It's a He Said, She Said World, but the Documents Matter

• Construction Projects, and Disputes, Involve Hundreds of Small Decisions

• How You Document and Manage the Record Materially Impacts Your Position

• Effective Document Management Is a Core Risk Management Technique

Construction Disputes - the Origin

• Differing Views of Obligation and Cost

• Misunderstandings

• The Unexpected

How Disputes Get Resolved

• The Law

• The Facts

• The Record

Managing Your Job Records

• Know Your Contract

• Know Your Issues

• Know Your Personnel

Know Your Contract

• Understanding the Key Issues on Any Project

• Timing, Payment, Insurance, Dispute Resolution

Know Your Issues

• Project Specifics

• Type/Scope/Disputes

Know Your Personnel

• Training/Guidance

• Policies


• Develop Proactive Practices

• Develop Correspondence Templates

• Document Any Events


• Make It a Standard Practice

• It's Cheap and Easy

Standard Approaches

• Payment

• Notices

• Claims

Conclusion - an Ounce of Prevention, but Don't Forget Your Aspirin