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Construction Inspection Due Diligence

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Understanding construction inspections will help you save time and avoid costly delays and litigation.Many construction projects are delayed or run into problems due to incomplete or faulty construction inspections. There have been situations where the projects suffered from numerous change orders, delays due to numerous RFIs, and construction defects that ended in costly litigation. Everyone on the project is affected from property owner, construction lender to architect and design consultants, to general and subcontractors and also building material manufacturers. This topic will help save time, hassles, costly delays and litigation by helping to identify the process and insure proper procedure and thorough documentation. Learn about the causes of construction defects and how you can help prevent them. Find out how to properly document everything to conform to the contract documents. Discover the proper construction inspection due diligence to help stay out of the courtroom.


Lance L. Luke, CCC, CCI, CCPM, CSI, Construction Management Inspection LLC



• Definition of Construction Inspection

• The Entire Inspection Process

• Impacts of Incomplete Inspections

Why Inspect?

• Are Inspections Really That Important

• The Main Causes of Construction Defects

• Various Types of Construction Inspections

How to Prepare for an Inspection

• Understanding Contract/Documentation Requirements

• Plans and Specifications

• Building Code Conformance

• Construction Inspection Process and Flow

How to Challenge a Finding by the Inspector

• Facts and Legal Issues

• Inspection Follow up