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Change Order Basics

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Be prepared for change orders that can impact your construction project at any stage.Receive information regarding the change order process and the legal implications of various types of change orders, including delays. Learn practical tips for documenting change orders and the importance of providing notice of a change on all construction projects. Learn how change orders impact construction projects from all perspectives, and the ripple effects that result from changes on a construction project.


Darien S. Loiselle, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt


Overview of Changes

• Definitions

• Avoiding Change Orders

• Change Order Process

Causes for Change Orders

• Change Directives/Addendums

• Delays

• Defective Plans or Specs

• Differing Site Conditions

• Force Majeure

Notice Requirements

• Notice Provisions

• Strict vs. Substantial Compliance

Tracking Change Orders

• Document, Document, Document

• Contract Requirements

• Best Practices

Pricing Change Orders

• Estimating

• False Claims

• Equipment Pricing

• Indirect Costs, Overhead, and Profits

• Cumulative Impact

• Disruption

• Total Cost Method and Modified Total Cost Method