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Avoiding or Reducing Architect-Contractor Conflicts

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn key pinch points in a construction project where the Architect's and Contractor's cooperation is most critical.Construction projects are complex undertakings that require input from several stakeholders. Inevitably, there will be conflicts among those participants who are under pressure to provide a quality, finished product in a timely manner and under budget. Given their respective leading roles on construction projects, architects and contractors tend to find themselves on the opposite side of these disputes. This topic helps those involved in construction understand how the project's delivery method creates these potential conflicts and identifies key areas where disputes arise, and provide real-life practical pointers on how to avoid and defuse architect-contractor conflicts during a project. This information is critical to any construction project participant who wants to become more knowledgeable on sources of conflict during construction and to improve his or her practices to create a more efficient and organized construction project delivery.


Joshua B. Levy, Husch Blackwell LLP Brent A. Meyer, Husch Blackwell LLP


The Structure of Design-Bid-Build Construction Under Typical Agreements

• The Architect's Responsibility for Accurate Plans and Specifications

• The Contractor's Responsibility to Complete the Work for a Lump Sum or Guaranteed Maximum Price

• The Architect's Role in Construction Administration

The Structure of Design-Build Model

• Sole Source Responsibility to the Owner

• Identify Internal Conflicts

Areas of Architect-Contractor Conflict

• Scope of Work

• R.F.I.s and Schedule Impact

• Additional Administration Tasks by Architect Including Approval of Work, Review of Payment Applications and Determining Claims

Best Practices to Avoid Conflict

• Qualifying the Contractor's Bid

• Collaborating on Schedule

• Frequent Collaboration Preparing Meeting Minutes, Schedule Updates and PCO/RFI/Construction Bulletins

• Pencil Draw Payment Application Review

• Punch List

• Substantial Completion Certification

• Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods