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Countering Public Opposition on Development Projects

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

NIMBY opposition can make the difference between getting your project approved or rejected - make sure you are prepared.Whether a project is large or small, NIMBYISM or not in my backyard type opposition is almost always guaranteed. Public opposition to projects can often result in costly delays or even the cancellation of a project. This topic will discuss how an effective grassroots campaign coupled with targeted public affairs tactics can make the difference between project approvals and rejections.


Al Maiorino, Public Strategy Group, Inc.


Overview of NIMBYISM


• When Did NIMBYISM Emerge in the U.S.?

• The NIMBY Argument

• How Does NIMBY Impact Development Projects?

• Why Is NIMBYISM Effective?

Understanding Public Relations vs. Public Affairs

• Public Relations: Top Down Approach (Mass Communication)

• Public Affairs: Bottom up Approach (Grassroots Campaigns)

• Building Grassroots Support

• The Advantages of a Grassroots Approach

Tactics to Counter Nimby-Type Opposition

• Database Management

• Campaign Rollout

• Education Techniques

• Identifying Supporters

• Building Third Party Support

• Importance of Outreach to the Opposition

• Activating Your Support Base

• Other Tactics in Grassroots Organizing - Website Design, Social Media, Open House

• The Benefits of Grasstops

• The Golden Rule

Case Studies

• Housing Development

• Retail Development

• Mixed Use Development

• Energy Project

• Affordable Housing