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Building Code Enforcement

OnDemand Webinar (96 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of the permitting process, essential code, authority, and liability with respect to permitting and inspection.Some professionals in the construction community do not understand the importance of the permitting process and how to navigate it to make the process as efficient as possible. On some past projects, the improper codes were utilized or the proper authorities having jurisdiction were not consulted at the appropriate times. In other cases, the code officials did not understand their authority especially with respect to reviewing and approving alternative designs. This topic will help both the design, construction, and enforcement professionals have a better understanding of the permitting process, essential code provisions, and how everyone can work together to make the process as efficient as possible. The material will provide designers and contractors with the information needed to determine the applicable codes and proper permitting agencies. Recommended practices for the designers and contractors will also be discussed that have worked well with respect to streamlining the process. The topic will also assist code officials with better understanding how to define their duties, authority, and liability with respect to permitting and inspecting projects. It will show how the code gives them the authority to approve alternative designs without needing to necessarily go before an appeals board.


Don Contois, R.W. Sullivan Engineering


What Is Code Enforcement

• Provide Information on How to Define the Authorities Having Jurisdiction for a Project

• Describe the Duties of the Authorities Having Jurisdiction

• Provide Examples of How Different Jurisdictions Address the Liability of the Authorities Having Jurisdiction

• Show Example Code Allowances That Provide the Code Officials the Power to Make Judgements or Approve Alternative Designs

How the Code Enforcement Process Works

• Define the Responsibilities of the Design Professionals With Respect to Permitting and the Enforcement Process

• Provide Information Regarding Permit Applications and Documentation Submittals

• Describe Recommended Practices for Streamlining the Process

Ensure That All Buildings Are Constructed in Accordance With the Provisions of the Governing Building Code

• Provide Guidance on How to Find the Appropriate Codes and Regulations

• Describe Model Code Requirements That Are Commonly Overlooked or Misinterpretted

• Give Examples and Reasons Where the Permitting Process Went Both Poorly and Well on Past Projects