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The Good and Bad of Using Mobile Devices for Construction Documentation

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn about the current issues and complexities with mobile construction documentation.Emails, texting, digital images captured on cell phones, blogs and tweets were having limited impact on communication and project documentation only a relatively few years ago. Now this technology is an integral part of our lives and how we communicate. This electronic data is discoverable by the attorney on the other side. Out of control it can undermine your objectives and cripple your ability to protect yourself on changes and claims. This information explores how to properly harness the technology in your pocket to be a powerful project documentation tool bringing a whole new dimension to capturing the reality of the project in real time.


Ted Bumgardner, Xpera Group Peter J. Lasensky, NoteVault, Inc.


The Problem

• From a Forensic Perspective

• From a Legal Perspective

• What Actually Happened on the Project

Missed Opportunity: Too Little (or Too Much!), Too Late

Typical Problems

Reasonable Expectations

What Daily Records Should Include

Example Reports

• Good

• Bad

• Ugly

The Beast in Your Pocket

The Mobile Phone - Carried by Everybody

Best Practices

Winning Value Proposition

Compliance Review

Applying Your Records to Win/Resolve Disputes