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ADA Compliant Curb Ramps

OnDemand Webinar (92 minutes)

Gain and understanding of the different styles of curb ramps and how to access their viability.The major problems with curb ramps are the sidewalk approach, steep slopes, bad flares, too narrow, no detectable warnings, and unalignment with the crosswalks. This topic will give detailed pictures and examples of both poor ramps and good ramps and specific pictures from FHWA and the U.S. access board guidelines. Correct curb ramps that benefit all pedestrians and the drivers who are often blinded by obstructions, thus not seeing the crossing pedestrians. Another great importance is using the training materials in this information for your contractors. Assuming they know how to construct a compliant curb ramp is a major error that all too often results in all involved being losers. This training is designed to help all involved from the agency, designers, contractors and users to be winners. I believe in practical, straightforward explanations, examples, and solutions and am a wheelchair user with a precious service dog named Sufra. This information will help you to walk away with an understanding of what constitutes a safe, ADA compliant curb ramp.


Michele S. Ohmes, Michele & Associates


Importance of Designing Compliant Curb Ramps for the Safety of All Users

• For All People With Disabilities

• Parents With Children in Strollers

• General Protection From Oncoming Traffic

Common Design Mistakes

• Letting the Contractors Decide How They Will Install a Curb Ramp

• Forgetting to Study the Affects of the Design on All Users

• Not Thinking out of the Box for Unique Situations

Plan the Design and Enforce the Design

• For Agencies With an Engineering Staff Design the Curb Ramps and Crosswalks

• Be Sure to Train the Contractors as to the Importance of the Design and Slopes

• Have Your Contracts State Clearly That Contractors Must Follow Design

Multiple Examples of Designs From FHWA and U.S. Access Board Guidelines

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