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How to Design Parking Lots That Work

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Instill lasting value in your parking structure by applying thoughtful, creative, innovative design.A parking structure is one of the dominant and driving forces in real estate, impacting the success of a commercial development, and significantly affecting the built environment. Not only is it critical that the appropriate parking solution be implemented for the immediate success of any planned development, but a parking structure also affects the future surrounding development and land use for many years into the future. Shifts in demographics and generational priorities, including trends in the live/work/play balance, as well as innovations in technology related to personal transportation, are changing the patterns of growth in our urban areas. These shifts have led to questions regarding the future of the parking structure. This topic will give an overview of the history of the parking structure, including the reasons for its development as a building type, identify those trends that will shape transportation and parking into the near future, and propose ideas on how the parking structure will continue to evolve. The information will help the person who is responsible for managing the development of a parking structure determine the ultimate form of the parking structure, inform the operation of the parking structure, and ensure the parking structure will be ready to meet the needs of future demand.


Michael T. App, AIA, LEED AP, ParkSmart Advisor, TimHaahs


Key Principles of Parking Design

• Parking Demand

• Site Selection and Access

• Vehicular Circulation

• Cost

User Comfort

• Design Aesthetic

• Security and Safety

• Pedestrian Circulation and Wayfinding

• Street Activation and People Places

Designing for the Future

• Resilience

• Technology

• Trends in Mobility

• Adaptive Reuse Strategies