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Developing an Extraordinary Public Outreach Campaign

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

In this age of viral marketing and instant video, make sure your public outreach program is following the most recent rules.

Public outreach has changed dramatically in this era of Twitter® and instant access to public officials from the public. Review the important changes of public outreach today and learn how they differ from public outreach of the past. Learn about the new rules for public outreach, and how you can apply them in creative and effective ways to reach out to your audience. You will review six case studies to understand how to apply the basic public outreach best practices and principles in a government or corporate setting to get communities to be on your side instead of fighting against you.


Thea Selby, Next Steps Marketing


The Old Rules

• Hold a Meeting

• Rely on TV, Radio and Newspapers for Outreach

• Tell Them

• Reach out Three Times and You're Done

• Gobbledygook English

The New Rules

• Go to Their Meeting

• Social; Listen

• Consistent Flow

• Plain English, Plain Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese

Applying the Changes

• Facebook®: A Private Company, Brings Recycling to a Multilingual Territory: REMAG

• Twitter®: A Nonprofit, Highlights Public Transit to Politicians and the Citizens: 22 Day Muni Challenge

• Events: A Neighborhood Group Highlights Co-Existence at a Public Meeting Walk/Ride/Bike Campaign

• Digital Outreach: A Public Utilities Goes Beyond the Ratepayers to Showcase Their Broad Scope

• Online Surveys: A Government Department Finds out the Few Vocal Residents Are Not Representative of How a City Feels About Filming on Their Streets