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OFF THE GRID: Project Routing Considerations Beyond the Infrastructure

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn ways to use analysis and due diligence to prevent protests or project opposition.

With the ever-present need for reliable pipeline, electric, water, sewer, fiber optic, and other assets to supply the nations critical infrastructure needs, there is a correlating need to think beyond engineering for successful project execution. Many of these projects see increasing opposition from landowners, other stakeholders, environmentalists and other interested parties, with goals of down-sizing, relocating, or stopping a project, decreasing efficiency in project planning and execution, while raising the costs of construction. While there is no single solution to prevent protests or project opposition, careful analysis and due diligence in the early stages of project planning as to stakeholder issues, land analysis, regional issues and route selection can help mitigate, if not eliminate, early missteps that can derail even the best project. This topic will focus on the soft sciences of land rights analysis, regional stakeholder values, project naming, opposition research, and negotiation strategies, and address route selection beyond geology, engineering and design considerations.


Beth R. Minear, Esq., GPS Consultants, LLC


High Level Land Rights Analysis for Route Selection

• Existing Corridors - Gaining Access

• Greenfields - Minimizing Impacts

• Working With and Waiving Comprehensive Plans - Local/Regional/State

• Encumbered Properties (i.e. Conservation Easements/Special Uses)

Due Diligence for Issues of Regional Importance on Potential Routes

• Historical Analysis

• Plans for Growth

• Region and Project: How to Find Common Ground

• Project Fatigue

Communication Issues

• Project Communication - Legal Requirements for Notice and Outreach

• Delivery Methods That Work

• Mounting a Project Campaign - Getting Buy-in

• Incorporating Social Media Into Communications and Messaging

• Structuring an Open House or Town Hall

Identifying Route Alternatives Beyond Science and Engineering

• Finding the Easy Wins and Avoiding Obvious Losses

• Listening Beyond Hearing

• Planning for Opposition and Putting It to Use

• Tracking Comments and Identifying Trends to Issue-Spot

Regulatory Applications

• Documenting Route Selection Efforts

• Addressing Regional Nuances, Routing Considerations, and Likely Opposition

• Detailing Communication Beyond Legal Requirements

• Project Protests to Regulatory Bodies . . . the Path(s) to "Yes"