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Handling the Labor Shortage in the Construction Industry

OnDemand Webinar (84 minutes)

Know how to properly identify and predict labor availability; and dispel common misconceptions.We have all heard the stories, 'I can't find enough electricians to finish my job' or 'there are not enough skilled concrete workers to finish on time.' The lack of available and qualified labor on a project is not only a recent headline but has historically occurred on numerous occasions. Multiple construction organizations have claimed recurring shortages of construction labor in the U.S. in the past three decades. These organizations emphasized the criticality of understanding the implications of the shortages in the workforce on construction projects. However, firms have relied on published assessments based on cognitive approaches (i.e., employer skill, job vacancy surveys, etc.) instead of empirical information to determine the magnitude of these shortages. This topic focuses on how to properly identify, quantify, and predict labor availability; and dispel misconceptions inherent within the construction industry. This content will also evaluate the historical impact of the severe weather conditions on labor availability, and predict changes in labor availability after hurricanes Harvey and Irma, to understand when a labor shortage condition could be anticipated and how long this condition would extend in the future.


Nour Bouhou, PhD, Spire Consulting Group, LLC Anthony Gonzales, Spire Consulting Group, LLC


Labor Availability in Construction

• Impact

• Perception

• Reality

Definition of Labor Shortage Conditions

• Theory

• Identification

Labor Availability Forecast

• Modeling

• Prediction Results

Addressing Labor Shortage Conditions:

• Example Efforts

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