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Understanding the Bridging Project Development Delivery Method

OnDemand Webinar (99 minutes)

Understand the Bridging Method of construction project execution and gain the confidence in using this process.Many project owners and their professional staff have had insufficient exposure to the Bridging Method of Construction Project Execution to allow them confidence to undertake this proven process. This topic will allow you to overcome that. You will learn how several key elements of a standard D-B-B contract have been incorporated in the standard D-B process to maximize the strengths of each in Bridging. A common flaw you will be able to avoid in getting the best results from Bridging is a failure to fully understand the concept (and nuances involved) in the large amount of detailing of a relatively few design elements offset by the use of general specifications in most of the remainder. This then leads to understanding the use of an A/E firm as Owner's Design Consultant to help the Owner determine what is critical and use this information in developing the design requirements of the Bridging Contract Documents, leaving the project design to the successful contractor's subcontracted A/E of Record. You will also learn to work with the other key elements of bridging as well as to access documents useful to refresh and extend your understanding of details that might be incorporated in your contract documents and later in project oversight.


Robert M. Bunker, P.E., Brookwood Group


Why Bridging?

• Enhances Project Owner's Assurance of Meeting Project Expectations at Optimized Cost and Risk

• Mature System After 40 Years of Development

Net Enhancements Over Other Delivery Methods

• Owner's Critical Project Requirements Are Met

• All-up Price Is Established Before Construction Is Authorized

• Change Orders and Claims Are Minimized

• Delay in Correcting Post-Construction "Bugs" Also Minimized

Many Delivery Concepts Are "Different" (Changes to Design-Build)

• Two A/E Firms Are Utilized

- First Assists Owner in Defining Project

- Second Is Design-Build Contractor's A/E of Record

• Contract Project Required Design Elements Vary From Detailed Description to Broad Specifications

• Owner Reviews Final Design With Option to Continue With Construction

• Risk Is Allocated to Entity Most Able to Control

Why This Presentation?

• Successful Use of Bridging Requires Conceptual Understanding of All Involved Owner and Contractor Personnel