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Current Issues in Dog Park Development

OnDemand Webinar (78 minutes)

Often dog park designs do not meet the long-term expectations of the users, elected officials or the maintenance staff associated with them.This topic will help planners, developers, project managers, elected officials, land use officials, real estate professionals or anyone else that is planning or participating in the planning of a dog park, and will address the issues in creating a new dog park or if you already have a dog park that is not meeting its expected potential, meeting those expectations for long term sustainability and maintenance. This topic will discuss the process of completing a dog park that will best serve your agency or community and especially users by meeting expectations through the development of a final product, with some innovative programming ideas and maintenance costs thrown in. You will gain a good fundamental understanding of how and what issues to address for sustainability, and how the initial design decisions will impact the long-term usability, maintenance and aesthetics of your dog park.


Randy Burkhardt, ASLA, RLA, Douglas County Department of Community Development



• Name

• Education and Experience

• NRPA Dog Park Presentations

• Magazine Articles

Design Expectations

• User Groups

• Elected Officials

• Maintenance Staff


• Rural, Suburban, Urban

• Age Both Dogs and People

• Local Activities

• Why Do People Use Dog Parks?

Design Basics

• Fences

• Entry

• Areas of High Concentrated Use

• Hard Surface vs. Soft Surface

• Seating

• Water

• Shade

• Rules and Regulations

Design Details

• Dog Waste Bags

• Signage

• Water

- Fountain

- Pond

- Wash Station

• Shade


• Community Gathering


- Swim Events

• Advertising

• Local Fund Raising

• Birthday Parties

• Competitions

Maintenance Costs

• Turf

• Waste Pick up and Bags


• Dogs

• People