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Achieving a High Performance Air Barrier System

OnDemand Webinar (97 minutes)

You only have one chance to get it right; is your air barrier system designed and installed correctly?Air barriers are an extremely important component of a high performance building enclosure system. For the most part, these systems are nonmaintainable components and repairs can typically only be made with the removal of the exterior cladding system. To ensure a performing system, the proper design, detailing and ultimately the proper installation of these systems are extremely important. You have one chance to get it right. Come learn about important design considerations, how to properly detail critical interfaces, the key items to include in your specifications and the proper installation techniques, and quality control and testing parameters for a variety of air barrier systems in use today. This topic will leave you with a solid fundamental understanding whether you design, construct or inspect building enclosures.


Laverne Dalgleish, Building Professionals


Why Air Barriers Are Important

• Energy Savings

• Current Air Leakage Rates of Existing Buildings

• Reduction in Moisture Movement

Key Requirements for Materials

• Building Code Performance Requirements

• Material Test Methods

• Material Evaluation Criteria

Design Considerations

• General Considerations Consisting of:

- Type of Building

- Expected Service Life of Building

- Climate Related Considerations

- Intended or Resultant Interior Conditions

- Type of Construction

- Type of Building Enclosure Systems, Including Structural Systems

- Integration With Other Building Enclosure Components

- Hygrothermal Analysis of Components

• Development of Performance Specifications

• Detailing of Critical Interfaces Including:

- Roof to Wall

- Wall to Window or Curtainwall

- Floor to Floor

- Penetrations

- Foundation to Wall

- Expansion or Seismic Joints

General Installation Guidelines for Six Common Air Barrier Assemblies

• Key Installation Requirements

• Common Field-Related Installation Issues

• Corrective Action Strategies and Site Observation Techniques

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