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Assessment of Aging Water Distribution Systems

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn how to plan and execute a program to assess and address aging water distribution infrastructure.This topic will provide you with useful information for dealing with an aging water infrastructure. The water problems in Flint, Michigan brought national attention to problems caused by aging water pipes. Agencies are discovering that water engineering design is a specialty field. Most civil engineers learn highway and traffic engineering as part of their undergraduate curriculum. Their water engineering education may be limited to culvert design and hydraulic modeling. In addition, they may not be familiar with the difficulties of locating, repairing, and maintaining underground utilities in a congested urban environment. This material tells you what you need to know to plan and execute a program to assess and address aging water distribution infrastructure. Topics covered include the national infrastructure picture, how to assess your aging water infrastructure accurately, and how to work most effectively with customers and contractors.


Patricia Eisenberg, P.E., City of Tucson


The National Picture of Water Utility Infrastructure

• The View From Congress

• The American Society of Civil Engineers Report Card

• The National and Local Funding Picture

Determining the Condition of Your Aging Water Infrastructure

• Locating Your Underground Assets

• Assessing the Condition of Pipelines

• Prioritizing Replacement With Limited Funds

Lessons Learned From Water Infrastructure Replacement

• The "Soft Side" of Working in Neighborhoods

• Technical Details Are Also Important, Including Water Chemistry

• Not the Pipes: A Few Words on Valve and Reservoir Assessment and Rehabiitation