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Building Code Compliance

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Understand the responsibilities regarding code compliance and how to incorporate the requirements into project specifications.

How can I design or construct a project in compliance with building codes to avoid surprises during construction and reduce or eliminate exposure after construction? It is the responsibility of all entities involved to comply with building codes, which may vary at the National, State, and local levels. This topic helps the construction industry related professionals understand where to find and apply the most up to date codes and standards utilized on a project. In addition, how to comply with various levels of codes and reduce your liability will be discussed.


Sean Kabo, CPE, CDT, Construction Defect Professionals, Inc.



Building Codes and Standards

• Why Do We Need Building Codes and How to Comply?

• Codes, Standards, and Product Data

• Organizations

Entities, Roles and Responsibilities

• Architect/Engineer and the Specifications

• Local Municipality

• General Contractor and the Building Official

• Owner

Project Timeline

• Conception and Planning

• Approval

• Code Compliance

Risk and Liability

• Per Entity

• Post Construction

• Frequently Missed by Building Official