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Common Annexation Issues in Development

OnDemand Webinar (84 minutes)

Learn about the latest annexation issues and trends in development.

Zoning is often considered the matter of first concern when pursuing a development. But one must first determine whose zoning regulations and procedures will apply, and this is the annexation question. This topic will help you understand key factors affecting developments faced with the annexation question. Not only will you be able to identify and address critical issues arising in the annexation and development context, but this information will provide strategies for achieving development goals when there are competing developments, or competing municipalities, that could impact a development. Effectively utilizing annexation strategies will help establish a sound foundation for the overall entitlement process for a development


Victor P. Filippini, Jr., Filippini Law Firm


Annexation: Determining Who Decides

• Identifying Alternative Land Use Authorities

• Considerations for Seeking Annexation

• Pursuing Annexation

The Jurisdictional Issues

• Zoning

• Subdivision

• Paying the Freight

Getting in or Staying out: Procedural Considerations for Annexation

• Authority to Annex and to Be Annexed

• Opportunities to Avoid Annexation

• Changing Your Mind

Timing Is Everything: Annexation Strategies

• Playing the Long Game

• Playing the Short Game

Annexation Agreements and Getting What You Bargained for

• Advantages

• Potential Pitfalls

• Key Provisions