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California Construction Project Management

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Understand the role of all parties involved in managing construction projects.This topic will discuss the basics of managing a project including the importance of understanding the motivations of the parties to a contract and the importance of understanding and abiding by the contract. The contracts that are used on construction projects are time and court-tested and provide an excellent guide for managing a project if they are followed well. As soon as the parties veer from the contract, or if they ignore it, problems will undoubtedly crop up. And, even if the parties do adhere to the contract problems will arise, that is the nature of construction. This material will provide some guidance on how to handle those problems in a routine and efficient manner.


Geoff Page, PSP, CCP, Trauner Consulting Services, Inc.


Understand the Parties

• Owner

• Contractor

• Designer

The Contract

• Understand Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities

• Stick to the Contract

• Changes

Managing Cost and Time

• Schedule of Values

• Monitoring Costs

• Schedule


• Correspondence

• Logs/Meeting Minutes/Daily Reports

• Photographs/Video

Project Impacts/ Dispute Resolution

• Delays/Inefficiency/Acceleration

• Claims