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Successful Construction Project Completion: Is Your Customer Satisfied?

OnDemand Webinar (85 minutes)

Ensure all your customers are satisfied with their completed construction project.Do your construction projects leave team members disappointed in each other or worse? Does your first indicator of problems come when follow-on work is awarded to your competitors? Learn a solid approach from this topic to ensure customer and team satisfaction. Review more than a dozen processes that must be successful in order for the project to be successful. When done right, these processes assure project success and customer satisfaction.


Lee A. Peters, P.E., F.ASCE, ProjectLEADER?, inc.


What Is Success in Construction Project Completion?

• What Is Success?

• When Is the Project Complete?

Who Is the Customer?

• How Many Customers Do You Have?

• What Is the Difference Between a Customer and a Stakeholder?

What Is Required for the Customer to Be Satisfied?

• What Does Meeting Expectations Mean?

• What Are Expectations?

How Do You Manage Customer Expectations?

• What Does the Client Perceive You Have Promised?

• What Do You Perceive You Have Promised?

How Do You Manage the Customer Relationship?

• How Do You Make Communication Intentional?

• How Do You Involve the Customer in Project Management?

What 12+ Things You Need to Get Right, Even Before the Project Begins, to Be Sure the Project Is Successful and the Customer Is Satisfied?

What of These 12+ Things Do You Do Well and Need to Continue to Do Well?

Which of These Do You Need to Improve to Do Well?

Make an Action Plan for Improving Project Success and Project Comp.