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Construction Defect Claims and the Purchaser Dwelling Act in Arizona

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Understand the recent changes in the Purchaser Dwelling Act and the implications these changes have for you.Arizona law imposes various pre-litigation notice and inspection requirements on homeowners and homeowners' associations before they can file a lawsuit alleging defective construction. In short, the provisions of the purchaser dwelling act contain the "rules" that must be followed in order to bring a construction defect claim against a homebuilder or other construction professional. Learn about the recent statutory changes to the purchaser dwelling act and the implications for homeowners and construction professionals as a result of the changes. Discuss common theories of liability regarding construction defect claims, how to bring a claim for defective construction and the applicable limitations periods. Construction professionals, including builders, developers, and subcontractors, and homeowners alike will benefit from this information.


Ryan Konsdorf, Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. Brett Rufer, Snell & Wlmer L.L.P.


Theories of Construction Defect Liability Claims and Limitations Periods

• Breach of Contract

• Breach of Express Warranty

• Breach of Implied Warranty

• Negligence Claims (Sullivan v. Pulte)

Arizona Purchaser Dwelling Act

• What Is It?

• Who Does It Apply to?

• When Does It Apply?

Implications of Recent Amendments to the Purchaser Dwelling Act

• What Does Right to Repair Mean?

• Can a Homeowner Recover Attorney's Fees?

• How Does This Impact Homeowners' Association Claims?