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Early Completion Schedules - A Form of Contingency Bidding

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Understand the advantages of early completion schedules.

A contractor's right to complete work early was acknowledged by courts in the 1960s. Delayed early completion claims arose shortly thereafter and became somewhat common in the industry. It was then, and remains now, a controversial issue in the construction industry with many project owners refusing to accept early completion baseline schedules. Others crafted contractual mechanisms defeat such claims. The purpose of this topic is to set forth the background concerning a contractor's right to complete work early and examine the contractor's right to seek an equitable adjustment should their early completion be delayed by action of the owner. Additionally, you will receive a brief overview of 12 different ways owners can defend against claims oriented early completion schedules.


James G. Zack Jr., Navigant Consulting, Inc.


Contractor's Right to Complete Work Early

Delayed Early Completion Claims

What Is an Early Completion Schedule?

Advantages of a Claims Oriented Early Completion Schedule

How Can an Owner Avoid Claims Oriented Early Completion Schedules?