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Aerial Mapping & Surveying Best Practices

OnDemand Webinar (81 minutes)

Learn how to use one of the fastest and most accurate methods to measure sites and avoid common pitfalls.

Precise aerial data provides a permanent record and is an essential part of site tracking, communication and documentation. Using aerial mapping to perform site data collection is becoming commonplace and this topic will help those responsible for site management answer questions about what kind of data can be collected, the leading site mapping options, what the best practices are for each, and what common mistakes to avoid. Learn why industrial aerial mapping is taking off.


Barry Rabkin, Identified Technologies


What Is the Past and Present of Surveying?

• Why Is Surveying Essential?

• How Has Surveying Been Performed Traditionally?

What Are the New Options, and Best Practices for Aerial Mapping?

• How Has Mapping Evolved?

• What Modern Options Are Available for Aerial Mapping?

• What Is the Value of Aerial Mapping?

• What Are the Best Practices and Common Myths of Aerial Mapping?

Aerial Mapping Methods Comparison

• Accuracy Comparison of Alternatives

• Speed Comparison of Alternatives

• Cost Comparison of Alternatives

• Value Comparison of Alternatives

What Does It Take to Build My Own Aerial Mapping System?

• Planes

• Drones

FFA Basics

• What Does Aerial Mapping Have to Offer Each Separate Department of My Company?

Aerial Mapping Summary