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Environmental Inspection and Reporting Requirements

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Be prepared for an inspection and know your reporting requirements to avoid costly penalties.

In today's business world, we all wear many hats and business owners, managers, engineering, and line personnel often become responsible for matters that they have little practical experience /training or do only occasionally. This includes organizing and participating in company mandated environmental inspections or audits as well as working effectively and proactively with federal, state, and local regulatory agency inspectors. Failure to do so can have significant career and legal ramifications. For example, in FY2014 U.S. EPA conducted over 15,600 facility inspections and evaluations resulting in nearly $100 million in federal administrative and civil judicial penalties. Many state environmental inspection and enforcement programs reported similar, proportional results. This topic helps the persons directly responsible for environmental compliance at a facility to understand the objectives of these inspections or audits and to successfully prepare, respond, and document findings and follow-up actions. The information will serve as a valuable tool for those who regularly advise these type of businesses in how to respond to an audit or inspection finding that is incorrect or not consistent with actual facility practices. It includes information on the steps to take before an audit or inspection, how to interact with the auditor or government agency inspector, what key areas the auditors or inspectors will focus on, and useful tips on how to challenge an audit or inspection finding.


Gary A. Rozmus, P.E., GEI Consultants, Inc. Robert Blauvelt, GEI Consultants, Inc.


Audits and Inspections

• Definitions, Differences, and Similarities

• Federal and State Enforcement Overview

• Common Components of Federal and State Programs

• Market-Based vs. Enforcement-Based Incentives

Pre-Inspection Activities

• Review and Organizing Files and Permits

• Resources for Keeping Informed

• Strategic Goal Setting

• Case Study No. 1: First Impressions Count (Air)

Managing the Inspection or Audit

• Establishing the Agenda

• Touring the Facility

• Answering Questions

• Dealing With the Unexpected

• Case Study No. 2: What's That on the Ground? (Hazardous Waste)

Post Audit/Inspection Follow-up

• Documenting the Results

• Implementing Corrective Actions

• Disputing the Findings

• Case Study No. 3: I Thought We Had Fixed That (Waste Water)

Negotiating Penalties

• Identifying Mitigating Factors

• When to Request Outside Help/Support

• Settlement Conferences and Administrative Hearings

• Case Study No. 4: Regulators Gone Wild (Storm Water)