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Recent Development with the Clean Water Act

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Learn what you need to know to be in compliance and avoid costly mistakes and delays.

Most business operations, and most property development projects, require permits for water pollution prevention from federal or state environmental agencies, and often from local land use and sewer authorities. Although many consulting resources exist to help manage the Clean Water aspects of business activities and new projects the rapid and sometimes extensive changes in regulatory standards creates new risks for costly mistakes and delays. This topic reviews the established practices reflecting Best Practices for water issue management, and focuses on key issues where major changes in the law calls for careful attention or changes in approach. Emerging issues for government regulators which require special focus by the regulators to make the right calls and success in government management of activities affecting water quality, the environment, and health are also identified. Failing to have a proper approach to identifying requirements and approvals can lead to costly problems. Enforcement can be swift and severe when environmental harm is at stake.


Robert L. Collings, Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP


Managing the Permit Processes for Projects Requiring Clean Water Act Approval

• Scoping out Water Issues and Identifying the Regulators and the Permits Which May Be Needed

• Looking for Areas Exempt From Permitting, and Preparing the Documentation to Support the Exemption

• Standards, Application Requirements and Timing for Permits

Engineering Issues and Biological Protection Standards - Desktop vs. Site-Specific Actions

• When and How Standards Based on Local Environmental Conditions Arise

• Selecting the Right Technology to Minimize Site-Driven Risks

• Understanding the Permit Culture of the Regulatory Agencies and Meeting Their Internal Goals

Developing Project Management Approaches to Address Legal Issues as Well as Design and Construction Issues

• Getting a Team Review of the Problem or Conceptual Plan Is Very Important, Even When the Problem Arises in an Existing Operation With Well-Defined Permits and Operating Procedures

• What Sorts of Problems Can Develop Into Big Problems Without Detection, and What Can Be Done to Identify and Manage Them?

• Why Are Legal Proceedings More Difficult to Manage From a Timing Perspective? Can Anything Be Done?

Watching the Watchers - Managing Compliance Issues Promptly When They Arise

• This Goes Into Your Permanent Record

• The Arithmetic of Enforcement and Its Relation to Project Management and Success

• What Can You Do That Gives You Any Control Over the Enforcement Process?