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Bankruptcy and Insolvency Issues in Construction Projects

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Avoid additional costs and delays when a party files for bankruptcy protection on a construction project.

This ondemand webinar is geared toward providing practical advice for counter-parties who find themselves in bankruptcy proceedings involving general contractors, subcontractors, and/or owners of construction projects. The topics include an explanation of the interplay between the automatic stay, executory contracts, preference actions, insurance, mechanics' liens, and other issues. The ondemand webinar is divided into aspects that you may encounter in particular types of bankruptcy proceedings and includes numerous pointers and examples that will assist parties who are unfamiliar with bankruptcy law.


Justin K. Edelson, Polsinelli PC G. Edgar "Eddie" James, Polsinelli PC Andrew J. Nazar, Polsinelli PC


General Bankruptcy Issues in Construction Projects

• The Automatic Stay

• Property of the Estate

• Insurance Policies and Proceeds

• Mechanics' Liens

• Sale Issues

Executory Contracts in Bankruptcy

• Assumption/Rejection of Contracts

• Adequate Assurance of Future Performance

• Right to Terminate a Contractor

• Right of Contractor to Complete

Claims and Causes of Action in a Bankruptcy Proceeding

• Claims Against the Debtor

• Claims Against a Debtor's Payment Bond

• Reclamation

• Setoff and Recoupment

• Preference Actions

Practical Tips and Guidance

• Guaranties

• Surety Bonds