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Urban Storm Water Management and Low Impact Development

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Get up-to-date on the critical points, readily available resources, and longer termed anticipated direction of the storm water management industry.

Storm water management has long been a consideration of developers, municipalities, state and federal governments. Regulations and laws have been in effect in various forms governing the flow rate, flooding and erosive potential of storm water discharges for many years, however, the discharge of storm water has rarely been monitored or regulated for discharge impacts of total volume, velocity, or quality. Changes by the Federal government over the past several years have now created an umbrella statutory need for both public and private owners to permanently manage the post construction storm water discharge from their location.

This ondemand webinar helps those responsible for designing, permitting, or building in a manner to meet these new requirements. An overall time line of how the regulations came to exist and the origin of many storm water best management practices will be discussed. This foundation will be used to discuss the importance of site considerations including pre- and post- site conditions for BMP selection and design. Cost considerations will be discussed in light of existing and anticipated upcoming regulatory requirements. Example projects will be used as a tool for illustrating the concepts of the conventional and alternative or green-infrastructure based techniques discussed. Critical need for post construction inspection, maintenance and access will be discussed.

This ondemand webinar will close with a summary of critical points, readily available resources, and longer termed anticipated direction of the industry.


Brian Neilson, P.E., LEED? AP, GAI Consultants, Inc.



General Discussion of Low Impact Development (LID) Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMPs)


- LID Definition

- Role of Storm Water BMPs

• Common Storm Water BMPs

- Conventional

- Alternative/Green Infrastructure

• Current Regulations and Requirements

• Upcoming Regulatory Changes Anticipated

- USEPA Integrated Planning Initiative

- State Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)

• Addressing Local Regulatory Considerations

• Anticipated Enforcement

Selection and Design of BMPs

• Site Considerations

- Identify Pollutants of Concern

- Critical Soil Properties

• Cost Considerations

- Cost Considerations of BMPs

- Cost Comparisons of BMPs

• Engineering Design Requirements

- Hydraulic Design

- Pollutant Removal Design

Inspection and Maintenance of BMPs

• Importance of Conducting Routine Inspections

• Importance of Maintenance, Maintenance Agreements, and Access Right-Of-Entry


• Summary and Available Resources