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Common Field Issues in Residential Wood Structures

OnDemand Webinar (77 minutes)

Hear the key issues that are common in residential wood construction, including a top 10 checklist of field issues for wood structures.

This ondemand webinar will highlight key field issues that are common in residential wood construction. The ondemand webinar will review the structural frame assumptions and match them to actual framing practices. Forensic engineering will be done on actual field problems with an eye towards repair and/or remediation. You will learn about vertical and lateral load rationalization miscues; construction issues such as excessive deflection, tile cracking, mold, decay and product application assurance - closing the loop to ensure that design assumptions are achieved in the completed structure.


Daniel P. Hindman, Ph.D., Virginia Tech


Load Rationalization

• Vertical and Lateral Load Tracking

• Load Sharing/Transfer

• Connection Design

• Bearing Issues

Design Assumptions

• Lateral Stability

• Fixity Conditions

• Unique Deflection Criteria

Water Intrusion

• Dry Use vs. Wet Use

• Common Preservative Treatments/Limitations

• Remediation of Mold and Decay

Improper Installation

• Contractor and Framer Issues

Checklist of Top Ten Field Issues for Wood Structures