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Understanding LEED® for Sustainable Building

OnDemand Webinar (81 minutes)

Mystified by the new LEED® certification process? Concerned about whether you need a new approach for your next LEED® project? Confused about the requirements for maintaining your existing AP status? This OnDemand Webinar provides the answers!

By viewing you will understand how the project certification and professional accreditation requirements have changed with the release of LEED® v3/LEED® 2009, as well as upcoming trends in LEED® 2012 and what that means for the working professional. This program will focus on LEED® for new construction and provide relevant background on the big-picture impacts, as well as information useful on a day-to-day basis such as costs and communication. The OnDemand Webinar includes the framework of the new system, changes to procedures, USGBC and GBCI reorganization, project timeline impacts, and real project examples.

Learning Objectives:

  • You will be able to discuss how LEED® supports sustainable building, and trends in both.
  • You will be able to explain LEED® 2009, LEED® v3 and upcoming features of LEED® 2012.
  • You will be able to review how to earn and maintain your LEED® accreditation.
  • You will be able to identify the health, safety and welfare aspects of LEED® for sustainable buildings.


Elizabeth A.D. Powers, O’Brien & Company


LEED®: Who, What, Why and How

Quick History of LEED® and Sustainable Building Trends for the Future

Review of LEED® 2009 and LEED® v3

• Major Structural Changes With LEED®v3

• Rating System Credit Changes and Harmonization

• Minimum Program Requirements

• Life Cycle Credit Weighting

• Regionalization

• Certification Process/New LEED® Online Interface

• Building Performance Partnership and Post-Occupancy Reporting

• LEED® Credentials for People

• LEED® Interpretations and Other Resources

Case Study Analysis - Validating the Trends

• Credit Weighting Analysis

• Hypothetical Project Analysis

• Certified or Pending LEED® 2009 Real-Life Results

Preview of LEED® 2012

• Introduction of Process Credits

• Boosting Performance Credits

• Revamping Materials Credits

• Other Changes

• Credit Weighting Analysis

Credential Maintenance Quick Tips