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Beyond Stick Translations: Fully Capitalizing on the Structural Capabilities of SIPs

OnDemand Webinar (81 minutes)

This OnDemand Webinar is designed to review the current SIP industry-approved best practices for design and construction with SIPs. The writer feels that much progress remains to be made in order to more fully realize the promises of higher performance and lower cost that is inherent in the concept of SIP construction. Specifically, much can be and is being done to wean the technology from its structurally conservative roots and remove a great deal of ancillary framing material that is the current norm. SIPs have the potential to be the inspiration of far more dynamic and expressive structures, but need to be seen as the indeterminate structures that they really are. By prudently following some of the procedures presented, designers, architects and engineers will be able to create higher performing and more economical SIP structures.

Learning Objectives:

  • You will be able to discuss design issues.
  • You will be able to explain economic and design penalties of staying only on the prescriptive path.
  • You will be able to review "radical" SIP design and construction.
  • You will be able to discuss necessity for software development.


Bill Chaleff, Chaleff & Rogers Architects


Overview and Current Industry Practices

• What Are SIPs?

- Skins, Cores, Adhesives

- Code Listing, Code Compliance - Prescriptive Compliance and Engineered Compliance

• Design Issues; Statically Determinant Structures and Indeterminant Structures

- SIPs Prescriptive Compliance

- SIPs Engineering Compliance

Economic and Design Penalties of Staying Only on the Prescriptive Path

• Past 'Belt and Suspenders' to Indefensible Waste of Material and Labor

- Bearing Plates

- Lintels

- Hips, Valleys

- Point Loads

• Skeleton and Exo-Skeleton

- Stonehenge

- Thin Shell

- Monocoque

• Buildings From Post and Beam to Stick

• From Stick to SIP

'Lean' SIP Design and Construction

• Remove Ancillary Lumber as Thermal Bridges

• Remove Excess Material and Labor

- Plates

- Lintels

- Hips and Valleys

- Distribution of Point Loads

• Balloon Framing

- Load Analysis

- Details

- Opportunity for Removing All Wood From the Interior

'Radical' SIP Design and Construction

• Roof Plane Shear Diaphragms

- No Ridge Beam, No Collar Ties

- Adequate Assembly Details and Fastener Schedules

• Faceted Domes

- Geodesic Domes

- Other Faceted Structures

• True Domes and Vaults

- Domes From 'Flat' Sips?

- Vaults

Summary and Wrap-Up

• Establish New Goals and Performance Bars

• Necessity for Software Development

• SIPs and the Shifting Culture of Design and Construction