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Successful Parking Design and Planning

Live Webinar
January 28, 2022
1:00 pm ET (12 pm CT, 11 am MT, 10 am PT)
1 hour
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What Does It Mean to Achieve Success With Parking Design and Planning?
  • The Facility Is Right-Sized
  • The Facility Is Safe, Convenient, and Comfortable
  • The Construction and Operation of the Facility Are Affordable
  • The Facility Is Environmentally Sensitive and Anticipates Future Trends
  • The Facility Economically Activates the Street on Which Is It Located, Creates a Sense of Place Is Aesthetically Attractive, and Fosters Foot Traffic
  • The Facility Is Well Utilized by the Intended User
  • Internal Circulation Patterns Are Clear and Distinct, and the Facility Provides a Connection Between Various Transportation Modes
  • The Physical Structure Is Durable and Provides the Amenity for the Intended Duration
How Does a Parking Planner Program and Design the Parking Facility to Create a Successful Layout?
  • Properly Determining the Amount of Parking Required
  • Properly Sizing the Parking Spaces, Drive Aisles, and Column Spacing
  • Properly Locate the Driving Ramps and Use the Most Beneficial Ramping Style
  • Properly Select the Correct Parking Access and Revenue Control Equipment
How Does a Parking Planner Create a Parking Facility That Appeals to the User?
  • Exterior Architectural Treatments
  • Interior Enhancements
  • Safe and Inviting
  • Easy to Navigate for Automobiles and Pedestrians
How Does a Parking Planner Create a Facility That Has a Long Lifespan?
  • Good Structural Design/Durability Design
  • Recommended Maintenance Procedures
  • Planning for the Future Parking Demand
How Does a Parking Planner Create a Facility That Is Financially Viable?
  • Properly Determining the Amount of Parking/Facility Required
  • Properly Designing the Functional Layout to Create an Efficient Footprint
  • Estimating the Construction Costs and Monitoring the Decisions During the Design Process That Will Impact That Cost Estimate


Live Webinar$149Register Now