Seminar ID: 100522

The Stages of Successful Neighborhood Planning

Presented By:
Michael Steele


You will Learn:

  • The major Stages of any neighborhood planning effort.
  • The appropriate sequence of the Stages.
  • The importance of the Strategic Alignment Stage to the success of the neighborhood plan.
  • How to do a Situational Assessment.
  • How to do a Resource Assessment.

Neighborhood planning is growing in importance, from the creation of Innovation Districts in the heart of existing communities to the design and construction of exciting new, sustainable neighborhoods at the edge of cities. Community leaders and professionals need to learn the basics of this valuable planning approach. This 10 minute segment is taken from our full on-demand webinar, "Creating and Implementing Successful Neighborhood Plans." This webinar outlines the five major Stages of any neighborhood planning effort. I devote extra attention to the Strategic Alignment Stage. This Stage is critical to the creation of a powerful, successful neighborhood plan.