Seminar ID: 100399

Design and Construction with Alternative Building Materials

Presented By:
Drew Hubbell

Hubbell & Hubbell Architects, Inc.

You will Learn:

  • The range of materials to consider when designing a green building.
  • What building materials can help you achieve a net zero energy building.
  • Key green building concepts.
  • The principals of site specific design and its importance.
  • See green buildings that utilize alternative building materials in unique ways.

By watching this 10-minute webinar viewers will have a greater understanding of how alternative building materials can take green building design to a level that could not be achieved from wood stud framing, steel stud framing, masonry, or concrete wall systems. We will review key green building concepts and explore the use and benefits of using materials such as straw bale, adobe, rammed earth, bamboo, autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), insulated concrete forms (ICFs), and structural insulated panels (SIPs).