Seminar ID: 100632

Introduction to High-Performance Buildings and Whole Building Design

Presented By:
Ryan Colker

National Institute of Building Sciences

You will Learn:

  • The definition of a high-performance building
  • The concept of whole building design and its linkage to delivery of high-performance buildings
  • The importance of recognizing synergies across building systems
  • The impact of design decisions on the performance of buildings throughout their life cycle
  • How the engagement of multiple stakeholders throughout the design and construction process facilitates high-performance

Increasing attention is being given to the concept of high-performance buildings by owners and policymakers, but what does it really mean to produce a high-performance building? This brief preview provides an introduction to high-performance buildings and how whole building design contributes to achievement of high-performance building attributes. With an increased understanding of the basis for high performance, architects, engineers and others will be better equipped to deliver the desired results. Specific practices, techniques and policies for achieving high-performance buildings with limited funding will be covered in the full on-demand webinar, "Designing for High-Performance: Achieving Goals without Breaking the Budget."