Seminar ID: 100599

History of Billboard Regulation

Presented By:
Gerald M. Murphy

McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP

You will Learn:

  • How the local police power may permissibly regulate commercial speech.
  • How cities can exclude billboards altogether.
  • How local agencies can approve new digital billboards.
  • How cities can permissibly violate their own sign ordinances.
  • The merits of the arguments both for and against the proliferation of digital billboards.

This 10 minute preview of our full on-demand webinar titled “Regulation of Billboards in the Digital Age” will cover the regulation of outdoor advertising from the advent of the automobile to the digital age. Nearly 100 years after the US Supreme court first upheld the local police power of the City of St Louis to regulate billboards the Federal Highway Administration has issued standards allowing digital billboards on interstate freeways, subject to local controls. In this quick preview we will provide a basic primer on the seminal cases that establish the constitutional parameters for all state and local billboard regulation.