Seminar ID: 100492

Electronic Discovery: Today’s Smoking Gun for Design Professionals

Presented By:
Darrell S. Dudzik

Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

You will Learn:

  • How to consider and address business risks which can create unexpected liabilities for the design professional.
  • The various legal theories of liability and what defenses exist to protect yourself from them.
  • The various ways through contract you can minimize or eliminate potential damages.
  • How professional liability insurance works, what you must do to make it work and what little-known benefits can be found in the policy.
  • One of the most expensive and potentially damaging sources of evidence in a design professionals case.
  • The impact of computers and electronic communications on litigation process and the pitfalls found within.

This 10-minute preview will acquaint you with some of the legal risks for design professionals, and how to deal with them. Learn what language to include, or more importantly, to exclude from the contracts and how to limit your damages. We will consider the insurance policy unique to the design professional by describing the difference between claims made and reported policies of design professionals and the occurrence-based policies found in the rest of the construction industry.