Seminar ID: 100402

Cell Tower Leases and Buyouts: What Property Owners Should Know

You will Learn:

  • Learn typical cell tower lease payment ranges, what affects lease payments and how to increase them!
  • Understand why existing cell tower leases are "gold mines" worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, how keep that value; and avoiding proposed lease terms which take it away.
  • Discover how to avoid cell lease terms where the "tail wags the dog" by preventing you from using or developing your property.
  • Learn key provisions which need to be added to leases to protect you if things go wrong, the company fails to pay, goes bankrupt or the like.
  • Understand when buyout offers typically do and don't make sense for property owners, and how to increase the offer and overall value when they do.

Many property owners are being asked to (1) lease land or space on a building for a cell tower, (2) amend or extend an existing lease, or (3) sell an existing wireless lease and future leasing rights (a "buyout") to a tower company specializing in antenna leases. The cell phone and tower companies do this every day, but property owners don't and can easily be taken advantage of. In this 10-minute webinar, John Pestle and Johnathan Kramer, two experts who represent private and government property owners on cell tower leasing and lease buyouts, will help "level the playing field" by covering what to ask for in a new lease, lease renewal or amendment, or a lease buyout, how to get the best deal financially, how to avoid restricting the future use of your property, and how to better protect yourself if things go wrong.