Seminar ID: 100673

An Introduction to Change Orders

Presented By:
Robert J. "Mike" Cathcart

Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP

You will Learn:

  • Conditions and events that can change the scope of work on a construction project
  • How to approach or react to changes on a project to keep the job on track
  • Tips on how to negotiate change orders
  • To document issues related to changes on a project in the event of a future dispute
  • How to memorialize agreements concerning change and/or reserve rights concerning change to avoid disrupting the project

This 10 minute preview of our upcoming live webinar, "Change Order Basics" will cover Change Order issues and topics starting with a discussion of what a Change Order really is and the means and methods of dealing with Change on a construction project. All construction projects experience Change. It is probably the universal characteristic of Construction. Learning to recognize circumstances, events and conditions that are likely to cause a change to the scope of work anticipated by parties and/or likely to affect the Time, Price and Quality terms of the Construction Contract, and how to deal with those circumstances, events and conditions timely, efficiently and early can avoid disputes, claims, and litigation. This Webinar should help gain the necessary understanding of Change and Change Orders to try to assure successful completion of projects on time and within budget despite inevitable Changes.