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Essential Concepts In Construction Contracting

February 17, 2014

This 10 minute preview segment taken from our live upcoming webinar on March 18, 2014 will provide persons responsible for administering construction contracts with an overview of the different project delivery methods that are typically used in construction projects. We will cover design-bid-build, design-build, construction management, and multiple prime contracts methods. The focus will be on the differences and pros and cons of each of these delivery methods. Listeners will learn what project delivery method may be right for their next construction project and come away with a better understanding of when to consult a construction attorney for guidance in selecting a project delivery method.

Noise Control for Multifamily Dwellings

February 17, 2014

This 10 minutes preview segment is taken from my live upcoming webinar on March 26, 2014. To begin, this segment will highlight the factors related to a resident’s sense of sound privacy from their neighbor. I will discuss how acoustical performance of demising constructions are quantitatively rated. The webinar will conclude with a discussion about the International Building Code requirements for multifamily developments.

Why Form-Based Codes?

February 3, 2014

There is an excited buzz in the planning and architecture communities about form-based codes – they are wonderful and every community should have one! Form-based codes can indeed be wonderful, they provide communities large and small with a specific and measurable method of approaching development to ensure that it meets local needs and expectations. But good form-based codes are also very locally-specific in nature and require focused attention on issues large and small to create. The more a community understands how the standards of a form-based code will impact local development, the more effectively the resulting code will work. The session Form-Based Codes: An Alternative to Traditional Ordinances is designed to help participants peer inside a form-based code. The speakers will identify and describe the functional components of a form-based code, highlight how form-based regulations both incorporate and differ from conventional zoning, and provide a basic overview of the legal issues that guide the drafting of these site-specific land use regulations. Program participants will leave the session with a better understanding of what “form-based” means; greater knowledge of the purpose of the various scales, forms, and combinations of elements used in these regulations; and will be in a better position to determine how and where to use this new zoning tool in their community.

An Introduction to Change Orders

November 19, 2013

This 10 minute preview of our upcoming live webinar, "Change Order Basics" will cover Change Order issues and topics starting with a discussion of what a Change Order really is and the means and methods of dealing with Change on a construction project. All construction projects experience Change. It is probably the universal characteristic of Construction. Learning to recognize circumstances, events and conditions that are likely to cause a change to the scope of work anticipated by parties and/or likely to affect the Time, Price and Quality terms of the Construction Contract, and how to deal with those circumstances, events and conditions timely, efficiently and early can avoid disputes, claims, and litigation. This Webinar should help gain the necessary understanding of Change and Change Orders to try to assure successful completion of projects on time and within budget despite inevitable Changes.

Introduction to High-Performance Buildings and Whole Building Design

September 12, 2013

Increasing attention is being given to the concept of high-performance buildings by owners and policymakers, but what does it really mean to produce a high-performance building? This brief preview provides an introduction to high-performance buildings and how whole building design contributes to achievement of high-performance building attributes. With an increased understanding of the basis for high performance, architects, engineers and others will be better equipped to deliver the desired results. Specific practices, techniques and policies for achieving high-performance buildings with limited funding will be covered in the full on-demand webinar, "Designing for High-Performance: Achieving Goals without Breaking the Budget."

History of Billboard Regulation

July 18, 2013

This 10 minute preview of our full on-demand webinar titled “Regulation of Billboards in the Digital Age” will cover the regulation of outdoor advertising from the advent of the automobile to the digital age. Nearly 100 years after the US Supreme court first upheld the local police power of the City of St Louis to regulate billboards the Federal Highway Administration has issued standards allowing digital billboards on interstate freeways, subject to local controls. In this quick preview we will provide a basic primer on the seminal cases that establish the constitutional parameters for all state and local billboard regulation.

How Construction Bid Estimates Are Developed

May 20, 2013

The Contractor's Legal Counsel can bring significant value added to the Contractor's bidding process. By helping the Contractor do their due diligence, the quality of bids can be improved and risk (which requires a risk premium) can be reduced. With the significant overhead costs of developing bids, improving the chances of a profitable outcome represents real value added. In this 10 minute preview our on-demand webinar, "Construction Estimating," engineer Richard D. Smith explains how contractors can improve bid outcomes with wise use of Legal Counsel.

The Stages of Successful Neighborhood Planning

March 11, 2013

Neighborhood planning is growing in importance, from the creation of Innovation Districts in the heart of existing communities to the design and construction of exciting new, sustainable neighborhoods at the edge of cities. Community leaders and professionals need to learn the basics of this valuable planning approach. This 10 minute segment is taken from our full on-demand webinar, "Creating and Implementing Successful Neighborhood Plans." This webinar outlines the five major Stages of any neighborhood planning effort. I devote extra attention to the Strategic Alignment Stage. This Stage is critical to the creation of a powerful, successful neighborhood plan.

Electronic Discovery: Today’s Smoking Gun for Design Professionals

January 25, 2013

This 10-minute preview will acquaint you with some of the legal risks for design professionals, and how to deal with them. Learn what language to include, or more importantly, to exclude from the contracts and how to limit your damages. We will consider the insurance policy unique to the design professional by describing the difference between claims made and reported policies of design professionals and the occurrence-based policies found in the rest of the construction industry.

Cell Tower Leases and Buyouts: What Property Owners Should Know

November 19, 2012

Many property owners are being asked to (1) lease land or space on a building for a cell tower, (2) amend or extend an existing lease, or (3) sell an existing wireless lease and future leasing rights (a "buyout") to a tower company specializing in antenna leases. The cell phone and tower companies do this every day, but property owners don't and can easily be taken advantage of. In this 10-minute webinar, John Pestle and Johnathan Kramer, two experts who represent private and government property owners on cell tower leasing and lease buyouts, will help "level the playing field" by covering what to ask for in a new lease, lease renewal or amendment, or a lease buyout, how to get the best deal financially, how to avoid restricting the future use of your property, and how to better protect yourself if things go wrong.

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